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How to Plan a Graduation Party

event rentals azGraduation parties are quite easy to plan, except if you have so many guests coming and you don’t even know what to do. If you think you’re hosting a graduation party soon, then make sure that you got your plans ready before you approach an event rentals AZ can provide you with. Choose your color and theme, and most of all, determine your budget for everything else from food and decorations to invitations. Here’s what you need to plan for your upcoming graduation party.


Make sure that you’ve planned out the number of guests so that you can estimate how many tables there should be at the party. We can provide you with tables for guest seating as well as tables for drinks, food, dessert as well as for any other form of displays fit for the occasion. While we have round tables for guests, we’ll have rectangular tables for the rest. 


Tents are perfect for graduation parties because they give your guests enough shade from the sun. We are recommending any 20 x 20 tents or even slightly bigger depending on how many guests you’re expecting. The 20 x 20 tent can accommodate up to a maximum of 40 guests. A 20 x 30 tent can house as many as 60. You can do tents if you’re planning to have an open house graduation party. We’re the best event rentals AZ, so we know what to do.


Never underestimate linens as they’ll make the setting look so complete. We can provide you with halfway drop linens or anything else better than that. You can always make the party look expensive without spending that much. We’ll go with polyester since it’s the most affordable, not to mention its popularity. Specify if you want something more formal than this.


You can be a DIY master and prepare all the food yourself, but be sure to plan ahead of time. The most practical thing to do is still to choose a caterer and get your bakers, florists, and event planners preparing days ahead. We can provide you with the trays, bowls, and silverware, or anything else you might need for the buffet.

Some Final Words

As soon as you’ve planned everything, then you may send out invitations. Do this at least eight weeks ahead of the scheduled event. Make it RSVP and make them respond in a week. That should help you determine how many tables and chairs you’re going to need. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you listen to our suggestions as expert event rentals AZ can give you. Contact us anytime at, and we’ll see how we can help you.