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Air Conditioning New Orleans

What To Expect During An HVAC New Orleans Maintenance Visit

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Are you wondering what happens on your HVAC New Orleans maintenance visit? Check this article to know the things you need to expect.

Heating Maintenance

When you have an AC maintenance visit, your heating maintenance is inspected. The testing of the furnace or boiler happens as directed. At that point, the technician has to inspect and replace the furnace filter if it is necessary. The exterior and ventilation flow needs check-up for wear and repair signs.

Cleaning Of Interior Components

Your technician will clean this part and look for signs of wear. The ignition, motors, blowers, and switches need checking to determine the current condition of the unit. Furnace power consumption and electrical connections are measured for possible power misuse.

Checking Of Thermostat

More so, your home thermostat shall also be inspected, cleaned, and recalibrated for more efficient consumption. Once the thermostat is checked, your furnace will be switched on to monitor its function while the AC professional distinguishes the performance of the equipment.

Testing Possible Carbon Monoxide Leakage

This guarantees clean piping and ventilation flow. If there is a boiler, further control, pumps, and safety check-ups are required.

Cooling Maintenance

Cooling maintenance has a lot of things to do about a thorough inspection of the air conditioning New Orleans unit. The technician looks into both your indoor and outdoor system components. The internal part, belts, and motors of your air conditioner belong to this examination.

Checking Of Coolant Levels

The AC professional will look for safety control, circuit, drain line, and other damages to do repair or replacement.

Inspecting Electrical Parts

Your maintenance provider shall check for damages and repair or replace them. The outdoor unit needs an inspection to see the optimum level of performance. As you know, filters prevent dust or debris from entering your unit. So, as the thermostat is inspected, there will be more ways to make it work efficiently.

Determining The Optimum Performance

Your technician shall check the performance of your AC unit and do something if there are parts needing repair.

Final Words

That’s it. You now have the relevant knowledge in case you plan for an air conditioning New Orleans maintenance visit. Know what your technician will do, so you give your AC and yourself a favor.