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Tattoo Removal

What You Need To Know About Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a technique that is as old as getting the tattoos in the first place. For several years people have tried removing tattoos through various painful methods that are still in practice today. There are a number of types of methods of removing tattoos which include;


1. Dermabrassion

This is one of the oldest ways of removing tattoos. This method entails abrasion of the epidermis and dermis with as salt solution. It also comprises the use of a mechanical object that also entails abrasion of the epidermis and dermis. This method is very painful and results into long term damage of the skin particularly the epidermis.

2. Skin Excision

This refers to the surgical removal of the tattooed skin. This method ends up leaving a scar which may vary in size depending on the size of the tattoo. This is a method mainly used for removal of small tattoos

3. Subcutaneous Injections

These injections mainly contain glycolic acid solutions. These injections are mainly done to affect the tattoo ink thereby facilitating its removal. These solutions may have an adverse effect on the epidermis and dermis such as scars and burns since these solutions are mostly acid based. This method is however not very effective.

4. Tattoo Removal Cream

This is a very cheap method of removing tattoos. However it is extremely difficult to remove a tattoo using a cream. These creams mainly result into the ink of the tattoo fading

5. Lasers

If you have tried to remove your tattoo with another method you can use the laser removal method. This method also helps in treating the skin of any defects that may have occurred during the initial removal process of the tattoo. This method can also help in removing any visible ink that may have been left. In addition, this method is combined with another treatment that helps with restoration of the collagen.