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Kenkoh Massage Sandal

Achieve Optimum Foot Health With The Kenkoh Massage Sandal!

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Very few people consider the type of footwear they wear to work, around the house or just while running errands. One of the biggest mistakes commonly made with modern footwear is choosing options with little to no arch support. Much of the back and foot pain experienced by people today are a result of wearing poorly fitted shoes that don’t offer optimum support. Healthy feet can be achieved, but you need the right shoes!

“The Health Shoe” That Works For You

Go down any footwear aisle and you’ll be confronted with rows of shoes that appear trendy but offer very little beyond a designer look. The Kenkoh massage sandal is the answer to any and all foot problems! The footbed is created with your foot health in mind and the small rubber bead-like construction is able to apply pressure to your reflexology points.

A built-in insole that offers constant massage and a double arch fit system create a sandal that doesn’t just look great but feel good on your feet. Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis or a bad back, these sandals can prevent needing surgery or pain medications as they work naturally to relieve foot pain. The design lends itself to natural shock absorption that can keep your feet on a firm platform while you walk.

Is It Worth The Money?

Kenkoh is the latest trend in footwear, but these sandals are actually good for you! A solid pair can cost anywhere from as low as $35 to $100. Now, you may be thinking that sounds expensive for a decent pair of sandals, but you get so much more than a trendy appeal! You can optimize your foot health and prevent your existing conditions from getting worse. In short, these sandals are well worth the expense!

Quick Facts About Kenkoh Sandals

You will see that the sandals have a unique footbed with little nodules that are able to apply pressure to your pressure points. It takes about 3 weeks to get used to wearing these sandals, but the payoff is improved circulation and a healthier heart function. The natural latex rubber make these sandals a healthy vegan option while, according to Kenkoh, they help heal bunions, diabetic foot numbness, back pain, and eczema along with a number of other ailments.

Everyone experiences things differently, but if you’re in pain, chances are your choice of footwear contributes at least some of the problems. Doing some research will simply reaffirm that the Kenkoh massage sandal is the perfect item for healthy feet!