Buying Edmonton Real Estate

I am planning to relocate to the city of Edmonton. I got a promotion contingent on me moving up there. The promotion comes with a bonus for moving expenses, and I think I’ll use it to put a down payment on a house.

That means I need to start looking at Edmonton real estate and figure out what house it is I want to buy. It’s hard to buy a house when you don’t currently live in the city you’re buying in.

I’m going to need a good real estate agent, someone experienced in Edmonton real estate, who I can trust to find me a home in a good neighborhood with good schools. I want to make sure my kids grow up in a home that’s safe and secure, a home that we’ll want to stay in for years to come.

The real estate team of will help me.

I’m hoping to find a place with at least three bedrooms, but I would actually prefer more. I need an office or a study for the days when I work from home, but I want each of the kids to have their own bedroom. We’ve been doubling them up for too long. I think they’re old enough now to need their own space.

I don’t know much about the cost of Edmonton homes. I hope I can afford a home that has everything I want. The kids are a bit upset about moving so far away, and I want to find just the perfect home in order to make them feel better.

I think if I can promise them a big house with their own bedrooms and a yard to play in, they’ll get over being upset about the move. At least we’ll be able to move during the summer so it’s not interrupting them during the school year.