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Outdoor Umbrellas

Best Places to Have Outdoor Umbrellas Installed

Outdoor umbrellas are fantastic. They cover you against the elements, provide comfort outside during a hot day, and adds beauty around business establishments. A number of people love to eat outside cafes and restaurants and the first thing they look for is if their spot is covered by a roof or an umbrella. 

Aside from business, outdoor umbrellas are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes in the right place. So where would you put an outdoor umbrella? 


Patios and outdoor umbrellas come hand in hand. When you see a patio, you will definitely see an outdoor umbrella next to it. Aside from the given aesthetics, the outdoor umbrella serves a purpose.

Patios are generally used as an outdoor dining area for family members or when the family is holding a private function. The number of people a patio can accommodate would definitely be dependent on its size. Since events in patios can be hectic at times, having extra seats outside the patio under outdoor umbrellas can make moments intimate and fun.

Rooftop Pools

Pools located in rooftops usually have no built-in cover or shade since you are already in a rooftop. Having an outdoor umbrella will allow you to have some shade, especially if the rays of the sun are getting harsh but you still want to warm your body. The great thing about outdoor umbrellas is that you can fold, store, or move them wherever you want. So whenever you don’t use it, you can just have it stored away.


A picturesque garden would have a coffee table and a seat under the shade of an outdoor umbrella. Gardens are a great place to relax, whether it rains or shines. You may have a different perception of plants and flowers depending on the weather. The best way to enjoy it is under an umbrella while sipping hot tea and observe nature takes its flow.


Lakesides are quiet most of the time and the best place to lounge on a good summer day. It is naturally cool due to the water and having an outdoor umbrella next to it enhances the experience. It’s also a great place to have a picnic or enjoy a sip of wine as the sun sets from the horizon.


Outdoor umbrellas improve the mood, aesthetic, and the experience of one place. Place your umbrellas correctly and you might have one of the best spots to relax. Of course, you need to have quality umbrellas and the best ones are offered by Tuuci Umbrella. You may have an idea to place an umbrella, but consider having their suggestions.