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Important Packing Tips To Avoid Stress On Your Moving Day

Moving is very stressful, and whether you’re moving just down the street or across the country, you need to pack your stuff properly. Having everything well-packed and ready reduces stress on moving day. And aside from checking out the best moving companies Charlotte NC to help you with your move, remember the following packing tips to help you de-stress on the big day.

Inquire About Approved Packing Containers

As you settle for the right moving company, ask if they have a specific type of moving containers that you are required to use. Also, ask about other important things like do they use bubble wrap or Styrofoam and how long will it take to move your stuff. Usually, moving companies give customers a quote regarding their service, so be sure to check and double-check this before you agree.

Labels Are Very Important

Pack your stuff in person. You’ll be able to remember the contents as well as protect delicate and essential items. Use markers and labels. You can color code the markers or stickers according to the room of the house or whoever owns the things inside the box. For instance, red markers would mean stuff from the kitchen or blue labeled items is from your son’s room. Mark boxes with a large red X that contain breakable or delicate items. 

Use Old Clothes As Padding

Old clothes can be used to pack delicate items. Your prized figurine collections may be placed in between old jackets; glass drinking glasses may be placed inside socks while precious picture frames and artwork may be wrapped in old bedsheets before packing these up. Don’t forget to label to box too.

Make A List Of Your Stuff

Have a master list of all the items you packed and where they are in. Number the boxes accordingly. The list of your packed items should also contain where the boxes should go so that the movers can place these in your new home. 

Don’t forget to brief your movers days before the move. And of course, packing and planning should be done weeks before moving day to avoid stress altogether.