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Movers In Richmond VA

4 Questions To Ask Before Getting A Mover In Richmond VA

Transferring to a new place is already a big decision perse, but the actual moving is another one you have to make. It involves extensive planning, lots of decisions to make in a limited period of time. Honestly, this is already overwhelming, but another most important decision you have to make is choosing a moving company.

Hire And Pay Them Then They Move Your Things How Hard Can It Be?

Yes, it may sound simple, however, the factors to consider when hiring a mover is not as easy. With hundreds of moving companies in Richmond VA, choosing one is not a simple task. Before signing up with a mover that you came across first, it’s essential that you ask questions before you decide. 

Ok, What Are The Right Questions I Should Ask First?

To find the right movers in Richmond VA that can serve your requirements, here are four questions you should ask first :

Is Your Business Registered And Licensed As a Mover?

There are lots of scammers in the moving industry but you can avoid them. Ask them about their registration, license, accreditation, and other pertinent documentation. Movers are required to have a license number from the United States Department of Transportation. Local movers who serve in-state moving, however, are regulated by the state only. 

Do You Have Prior Experience With My Particular Move?

Ask the mover if they are experienced in the type of move you required. For example, you’re moving from a residential building to a high rise apartment in Richmond.   Dependable movers should be ready to handle anything, such as parking conditions, unusually steep stairs, non-working elevators, and limited entrance or exit.

It’s also a good idea to inquire if they have experience in handling special items such as antiques, special equipment, and other non-regular properties that you may have. 

What’s the coverage of your insurance policy? 

Before trusting them with your items, it’s important that you know what’s their insurance policy. These are the types of policies that the mover should have: 

  • Full Value Protection – this protection is intended for your belongings. You can never tell the road situation when traveling, thus it’s recommended that you know that your properties are insured. 
  • Released Value Protection – this policy covers or assumes minimal protection without extra cost. The mover is liable for no more than “60 cents per pound per article.”

Can I Have Your Official Cost Estimate Offer Written In The Paper?

Cost is one of the most important you should ask in any Richmond VA moving company. They should give you a quotation stating their rates, the scope of their work, terms of payment,  and the validity period of that particular offer. Additional charges, fees, and other conditional surcharges for if and when scenarios must also be written.

This is to avoid confusion come billing time, misunderstanding, and hidden charges that came out of nowhere. Before signing up for anything, make sure that you know what you are paying for.    


Hiring a moving company in Richmond VA should not be a daunting task for you. The reason why you choose not to do it yourself is so that you can focus on other important matters before, during, and after your transfer. That is why it’s important to ask the right questions first before you choose the mover that will suit you best.