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Eaton Powerware

Why You Need Eaton Powerware

To help you retain business continuity and dodge downtimes, what you need is Eaton Powerware. It’s a cost-efficient investment for your data networks.  Having a high-quality uninterruptible power supply (UPS) gives you emergency power when the primary power source encounters a problem.


Dirty Power and the Essence of UPS

Electronics devices need a power source to function. They can perform their intended function if you plug them directly to the power outlet. But, this is not a good idea. Why? Have you heard about “dirty power?”  It’s what electrical experts use to describe abnormality in the power quality that is being delivered to a system.


How UPS Can Help You

Due to low power factor, voltage variations, frequency inconsistencies, and surges, dirty power can damage your electronics. That being said, UPS is beneficial is you are operating data networks and file servers. It performs the following functions:

  • Conditions the incoming dirty electricity from the utility company to provide your electronics with clean power
  • Lets your electronics stay on and connected when drops or shot-term power issues
  • Enables error-free system shutdown during a complete power interruption

Good to know: Always remember this. All electrical units are based on a supply of power at a specific voltage and frequency. If the equipment doesn’t receive a suitable amount of power from the source, there’s a chance that your unit could catch fire due to overheating. Also, power variations can harm electronic parts, and soon they will stop working.


Threats to Your Data Networks

  • power outages
  • surges
  • and, lightning strikes

Other Factors of Dirty Power

  • Inducted loads connected to a system
  • A spike of low-level signal to the original power signal
  • Lightning that causes signal fluctuations
  • Ground faults
  • Utilizing voltage above its standard value that typically happens during utility switching
  • Super lightly load panels


Final Words

Take the step now to implement an effective solution to improve and protect the power quality within your system. Get the necessary Eaton powerware now. It enables you to monitor and manage your power infrastructure effectively. To guarantee your safety, consult a licensed electrician if you need further assistance.