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3 Dental Habits Your Kids Must Develop

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Developing good dental habits should start at a young age. Kids can carry them into adulthood and take better care of their dental health. Having good habits can help them prevent issues like broken teeth, cavities, and others later on in life. Here are three essential practices you can teach them now.

Brushing And Flossing Two Times a Day

Like adults, may experts recommend flossing and brushing children’s teeth twice a day. You can make them do it in the morning, then in the evening so they would expect to do it during those times. To encourage your children to brush their teeth, you can make them use theme brushes designed with their favorite cartoons. Brushing their teeth should not take less than two minutes. You can monitor this by playing a nursery rhyme while they brush their teeth. Doing so will make the chore more enjoyable for your kid.

As for flossing, your kids should learn to do it once two of their teeth touch. Teach them how to floss correctly and do it with them so it can become a bonding activity for you

Visiting The Dentist Regularly

According to the dentist’s recommendation, children should visit the dentist at least twice a year. You can have the first schedule when your baby is around six months to a year old. This is the time when most babies develop their first tooth.

Another instance to take your child to the dentist is when they experience a mouth injury. If they break their teeth while playing or when biting something too hard, severe damages can be prevented. Regular visits to the dentist can also lessen the anxiety that your child experiences. If you prefer it, you can look for a pediatric dentist who has more experience in handling kids.

Eating a Healthy Diet

If your child gets used to a healthy diet, they can prevent complications like obesity and diabetes. They can also help in the prevention of tooth decay. Giving your children too many sweets can lead to bacteria build up in the mouth, and foods that are too acidic can weaken their tooth enamel. Both can lead to cavities later on. Teach your child to eat more proteins, fruits, and vegetables. You should also encourage them to drink water, among other beverages.

These tips do not mean that you should limit your child to certain foods or habits but rather, to keep specific consumptions in moderation. Teaching kids proper oral habits can help them increase their teeth’s longevity and lessen unnecessary trips to the dentist. If you need consultations for your child, talk to a dentist  greenville sc.