A Velux Loft Conversion Can Add Value to Your Home

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Adequately designed and well thought of loft conversions can add almost 20 percent to the value of a home. While this value only accrues if you are selling your home, the loft conversion can also greatly add to the livable space in your home.

Most loft conversions do not need any permissions from the local authorities and can add almost 40 to 50 cubic metres of usable room to your home. This permission is only automatic if you are not extending the footprint of your home. In a simple Velux loft conversion, the roof slope is not altered and does not make any change to the appearance of the property, though it may result in limiting the usable height in the created space.

Dormer loft conversions will have vertical windows and doors that allow for the loft to have a full headroom that also increases the possibilities for locating staircases. Mansard loft conversions may look less boxy, but the raised party walls and slopes on the rear wall, will require you to extend part of the construction beyond your existing structure, and this then invites the need for permissions.

A Velux loft conversion can give you an extra bedroom, home office space or even a bathroom. Most lofts will have angled ceilings and this can be restrictive as far as the type of furniture that will fit into a loft. You may not be able to fit in any ready-made furniture, but if you are a little creative you can always find a clever design that will allow you to make the best use of the available, odd shaped space that lofts do have. Make use of every corner and angle that you have, and you will be having a space that is very comfortable and easy to use.

Most lofts will have awkwardly shaped ceilings that are a part of the converted area, but instead of trying to cover them up, accentuate them to give your loft conversion its own distinct character. You must pull in masses of natural light to get over the closed feeling that loft conversions can give. Add to any window that you are able to create, with a skylight that brings in light from above, and the room will seem that much bigger.

Lofts must have a roof space that is at least 2.3 metres in height, but this problem can be overcome if you make changes to the roof. This can increase your costs.