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Tax Preparation Software

Outstanding, Professional Tax Preparation Software

Tax is used to pay the salaries of government workers; however it also is used to make sure that the roads you drive on are safe and well maintained. Ultimate tax is a fantastic business in the US who offers professional tax preparation software. Their software is ideal for new and experienced tax preparation software; they even offer clients a free evaluation to help get them started. They are and have been a proven leader in the professional tax industry for over 10 years. All of their staff have had industry experience so they are well trained and always know what to do, plus they are all up to date with the latest tax regulations. This means that they can provide you with premium year round support which will be highly beneficial to you.

They offer a selection of three different fantastic plans; they can help you to work out which is best for you or you can choose your own by comparing all of the different ones available. The three plans which they have available are the Basic20, Procollect and the Premium. All of these plans come with their own unique tools and services, however there are some which come with all of the plans these include interview mode, detailed reports and the 365 service. You can also purchase add-ons for each plan, these must be added on at the time of purchase, and some of the add-ons include the corporate module, the vault and payroll. The Basic20 plan would cost you $397 and it offers you 20 E-files, bank products, automatic renewals and 3 state modules, as well as so much more. The procollect costs $497 and the premium 4597, the premium plan is used by a high volume of preparers.

They offer reliable, professional tax preparation software; this will ensure your data is kept safe and secure. They can convert your data from a range of different programs such as crosslink and ATX.  A few of the different features that the offer includes launch pad, interview mode and the 365 service.  Their ultimate cash will provide you with contracts based on volume, so that you will always know what it is you’re getting; this available to customers who receive the premium version. Then their bank products offer payment aids to your customers and your rebate products; this will allow you to compete with competitors who are offering the same products or services.